I Love You Diane

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When I saw you today on the news far away
You were talking about war it was hard to ignore
Your blonde shiny hair like an angel I swear
Your eyes shimmered blue then I ran home to you

So I got in your house like a quiet little mouse
I’m in love I suppose so I slept in your clothes
But in a frame with a man by your side, my Diane
It was shaped like heart and my world fell apart

Then I waited a week for you to get back
And I knew where you'd go you were going to jack
You opened the door I was hard to ignore
With blood in my face and with jack in a case

Yeah this is who I am
I love you diane/God damn you, Diane
Forget about Jack, he's not coming back
But I’m going to be your man

Yeah this is who I am
I love you, Diane
I waited so long and your boyfriend is gone
You got me instead/it's me now instead because I cut off he's head

I waited so long and now we can talk
Do you feel the same is that why you're in chock
You might wonder why Jack is placed in a bag
I'll tell you the truth but I don’t mean to brag

Yeah, I cut of his toe and a foot and a leg
I thought he was gone when he started to beg
He screamed out your name I thought he's gone insane
He died when he screamed out in pain

Diane, Diane, Diane
Just say that we can fall in love
Diane, Diane, Diane
Let me be your man while you can
Diane, Diane, Diane

This is who I am a killer, Diane
Just, please, let me say before they take me away
That I want to be your man, Diane