Jr Writer

I'ma Real O.G.

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Saga! damage! yes sir

J.r writer....to all of my g's coast to coast
Flaco the great!

I'm a real o.g (you ain't heard about me?)
I'm a real o.g (j.r writer niggaaaa)
I'm a real o.g (you ain't heard about me?)

[j.r. writer:]
I been the hardest with them bars of piff, you could tell jr is sick
Pardon prick, we started this...you can never harm a dip (never)
You niggaz harm-a-less, you would never harm a tick
I ain't too happy but ya girl give me the marvelous
I'm a quarter brick, something you would jog to pitch
This is that lean boy, you still got ya starter kit
I ain't bothered with...these niggaz you see talking
When we ride past, same niggaz you see walking
It's just sickening, i be listening
They rap about they man fucking ride that they sitting in (get some wheels!)
They ain't whipping em, nor stick-shifting 'em
All his broke ass know how to do is get in em
You's a slouch nigga glue up ya mouth (shut up!)
I copped a charger way before you ever knew it was out
Stop!...you was never hot, i'm a 100 times better ock
Yeah your up, so up...i bet you that you'll never drop


[j.r. writer:]
Now...i got these bastards hating cause i'm in an aston racing
Switch lanes, cross 'em over like i'm gary payton
Don't know my way around? the wrenches ain't aggrevating
I'll have a whole conversation with my navigation!
You move sloppy, hopping off a ducatti?
I'm bout to make my 2nd car a bugatti
It's true mami, tear seats, blue body
1.2 ocky, since jim copped that new maesi (maesaerati)
You dude's throppy, i'm paid cause i'm nice
You will never ever see a day in this life
I keep k's for the fight.....so when i say give me "my space" no i don't mean a page on a site
The k that i spray out you'll lay with the mice
We paid out, i can get you grey for a price
Look take my advice......or lay in the river
Don't you dare say my name if you ain't a good swimmer!