Dol Amroth

Imperium nostrum

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In the year 1453, the doubled-headed eagle fell wounded from the sky and the last Emperor did wage a desperate battle against the hordes of the Turkish rubble… Hearken now pilgrim, for this is the tale of our noble, final stand!"

O brothers brandish high the sword of war,
And the eagle of the royal pride of Rome!
With stars of hope erased we stand betrayed,
Arrows screaming - fire burns the sky above!
We ride astride the tide of slaughter-fall,
We fear no man - send them back where they belong!
Their heads displayed upon our shining spears,
And the worthless Turkish blood shall flood the streams!

Slay the fucking Muslims…

O brothers stand and fight with heart and sword,
In defiance of the cursed crescent moon!
Baptized in fire, dubbed by steel,
Strike them like the handsome iron face of death!
Behold! The end is nigh; we have to die,
Yet our legend will live on forevermore!
So come and die with us, die on the field,
Die in honor - shed your blood for the Empire!

"Though defeated and wan, we never forget, we never forgive… Upon the grave of the Empire stained with the blood of my people, I now swear this: The day shall break in terrible wrath when we honor at last the oath of revenge!"

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