Troubled Hubble

I'm Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules

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I see molecules and I see you,
I see the way that matter scatters out and makes things move.
I see the backs of my eyelids have never looked so beautiful,
There's shapes and light with eyes so tight and swirling little pixels.
It's a funny seeming, fuzzy feeling to think about all I'm seeing,
All that is, birds and fish, plants and apes and annelids.
Traffic smoke and atmosphere, it's a one way ticket out of here,
It's a science you can trust,
It's a molecule and it's here
With us.

Finally I'm right,
Finally you're wrong,
I've seen molecules all along.

To be young and dumb and innocent,
To fear your life and want to live,
To sleep and wake naturally,
To treat your brain how it's supposed to be. One with nature, two for tea,
Three's a crowd and all for me, to walk the plank, find the shark,
Underwater, in the dark.
The air we breathe, it comes from trees,
Not carried by air and sky,
But is the breeze.
Chlorophyll and bits of rice,
Ice cold water and warmed up ice,
Fish eat plankton and plankton is,
Molecules as food for fish.

Finally I'm right,
Finally you're wrong,
I've seen molecules,
All along.

I see molecules and I see you,
I see friends in stars and faces in moons,
And I see molecules I see light
I see colors and shapes in the middle of the night.
And finally I'm right, finally you're wrong,
Finally I dance with confidence to songs,
That sing of hope and love and truth,
When you're nothing,
You're still something,
You're molecules.

Writer/s: Chris Otepka / Troubled Hubble

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