I'm Raw

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Yeah, (raw)
I got you
R.i.p to the competition
Split these niggas to the white meat

Bitch I'm raw,
So hearing that any nigga out cook me
Is suspect as R. Kelly with girl scout cookies
When you talking to a pro watch ya mouth rookie
Go in ya shit have ya teeth playin' mouth hookie
Nice, you niggas must of heard me wrong.
I blame them horses when I turn that Porsche turby on (vrrm)
My engine gettin' his Kentucky derby on,
Seats is brunette paint is dirty blond
Speaking of dirty blond's
Say hi to curvy Don Fergie John
With the body movement of a turbion
I just watch her,
It's been a hectic year
So I sit and get fried
Call the weed electric chair
But y'all on death row, one request left
You looking for ya girl oh she just left
Her and my dick just became B.F.F's
Then I threw her out like jazzy J. E.F.F
I'm raw dawg, y'all safe sex
You dicks belong in latex not tape decks
You can't see me
Neither can the flunkies under you
My shit bananas, like a monkey number two
I'm bigger than that
More like guerrilla though
Nick name funeral got that from this killer flow.
Er'thing still a go, my pockets be extra fat
Big money on deck like A Rods next to bat
Somebody contact the tabloids
I'm a big deal like a contract from bad boy
Yeah, it's all good baby baby
My swag plays a big part so it's all gravy
We hit the club like Nino in the C.M.B
Pretty mixed bitch I just call ha P.M.B
Watch ya step baby gettin' out that G.M.C
You bust yo ass girl we both gon' be on T.M.Z
Don't be shy let them cameras expose you
The worst that can happen is I Amber Rose you
People running up like damn I knows you
Hey ain't you? Yeah I am that bitch
Six feet deep nigga, yeah I am that ditch.
Throw it in the bag in a recession, I am that rich
I'm under close watch niggas got binoculars
I ain't what's poppin' bitch I'm what's popular
If I'm the one to go at, niggas what's stopping ya
I call my gun Nadia, and I be finger poppin' her
Keep that bitch cummin' like blaka blaka
Go to ya head like a shot a vodka
Rock a sick fit call a doctor potna'
You think I had a Gucci deal Waka Flocka
Yeah I am too fucking raw (what you say?)
Yeah you heard me I am too fucking raw