Island Lost at Sea

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I don't wanna stay, she don't wanna leave
Pictures of our life; the island lost at sea
Travel here tonight, and count the stars with me
Breathing in the sky, oh the moonlight through the leaves
Now I don't see the ground
And she don't feel the breeze
‘Cause we were the problem with the island lost at sea
What makes us wanna change this?

Bloated Wife (Hidden Song)

Take my bloated wife, yeah she's crampin' my style
Tell her I'm going sailin'
This corroded lake, I could die just the same
Tell her I'm gonna sail it

Met a man on the sidewalk, and he had a bird in a metal cage
And he told me love is not a crime
So I asked him what he thought I meant
And he pointed at my bloated life
And he pointed at his mouth and said:

“Makes you feel more alive, makes you feel more inside
Makes a fool out of cancer…
Just a couple of thieves
Do ya know what I mean? Do ya know what I mean?”

Writer/s: Shawn Christensen / stellastarr*