Randy Rogers Band

I Never Meant To Break Your Heart

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How many times did I tell you
I would always be true
I meant those words when they rolled off my tongue
There's nothing you can do

No, you didn't see it coming
You never looked for a sign
Sometimes two people, they just fall apart
If you start to worry about running out of time
But I never meant to break your heart

Love it's a gamble,
But you never see your cards
Nobody said it was easy
Why's it gotta be so hard

Fools they fall headfirst
I've made up my mind
I don't know when we lost what we had
After it took us both so long to find
But I never meant to break your heart

It's not my fault, baby, you're not to blame
If the role's were reversed, it would still be the same
There are times that I just can't get you out of my head
But I can't stay here tonight and get lost in your bed (get lost in your bed)

Didn't come here with your answers
I think we both know the rules
You know that I will always love you
We both know that there is nothing left for you to do
But I never meant to break your heart
No I never meant to break your heart

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