Little Feat

It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry

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Well, I Ride On a Mail Train Baby
Can't Buy a Thrill
Well, I Been Up All Night, Baby
Leanin' On the Window Sill
Well, If I Die, On Top of the Hill
And If I Don't Make It
You Know My Baby Will

Don't the Moon Look Good
Shinin' Through the Trees
And Don't the Brakeman Look Good, Baby
Flaggin' Down the Double "E"
Don't the Sun Look Good
Goin' Down Over the Sea
But, Don't My Man Look Fine
When He's Comin' After Me

Now the Winter Time Is Comin'
The Windows Are Filled With Frost
I Went to Tell Everybody
But, I Could Not Get Across
Well, I Want to Be Your Lover, Baby
I Don't to Be Your Boss
Don't Say I Never Warned You
When Your Train Gets Lost

Writer/s: Túlio Mourão