Suburban Legends


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Was it my cologne that made the fire burn in you?
That piece of flash cast in your eyes I feel it coming through
Hollywood, rainbow room, you saw me mixing it up
One more glass of champagne, it's getting hot, hot
Fits like a glove, the way you stick it to my love

Infectious baby, drives you crazy
Tangles from the rope you cut the line I get the joke
Infectious baby, drives you crazy
Everything you want is what I got so bring it back, come on

Now shut your mouth cause it's gonna happen fast
You can close your eyes baby but it's gonna be a blast
Baby girl, light that fire cause I'm about to erupt
You'll find your flame in the champagne your flavor's in my mix
Don't suffocate me too long cause I'm blowing up

All around the world there's some sort of sickness going around
But we've got the cure, all you've got to do is sing

Infectious baby [x4]
Let me hear you sing it now
Infectious baby, drives you crazy
Infectious baby, it's driving me crazy
Infectious baby, you got to keep on working me out
Infectious baby, yeah(2x)

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