Carlos Lyra

Influence Of Jazz

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Samba of Brazil
Was born in Bahia
And went down to Rio
Up the hill
But the beat of samba
A grand success
Became so out off hand
It's a shame what a mess!
When samba of Brazil
Just fell down the hill
It's the influence of jazz

Samba got so ill
And could die so easy
From such diseases
Hard to heal
If samba swings
From one side to the other
Jazz will do its thing
To and fro and so fast
That samba nearly chokes
With so many notes
It's the influence of jazz

Mingling with rumba
Mixing the numba
In afro-cuban heat
Missing the fragrance
Messing the cadence
Off the beat and the balance

Samba of Brazil
Go back down to Rio
And ask for some help
Up on those hills
To not be a samba
That beats in distress
To keep a swing in balance
Just got to relax
No use for all the notes
And musical quotes
It's the influence of jazz

Writer/s: Carlos Lyra