Mac 10

Inglewood Swangin'

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[the announcer's voice from playstation's nba live '97]
'welcome to inglewood, california'

Hey hey hey
What you got to say

Verse 1
Fast bitches fast cars money and fame
This rap shit is just like the '90's dope game
Before sold out shows rocked and hoes jocked
It was all about the 'hood and that foe hundred block
A few scraps as a puppy dog
You had to be down
To roam that infamous neighborhood
Where niggas wore the crown
It was on every morning from manchester to century
Bg's walkin' in packs to elementary
Afterschool some had 'hood patrol
And watched deals on the corner
While others had skills and hittin' drills in pop warner
The unforgettable good old days how it used to be
'foe niggas made the transition from a jock to a g
Now the streets is nice but the police is thick
'cause niggas sick and mo' murders
Committed than a horror flick
But whatever happen rappin' or not
It's the same for me
It's still i.n.g. foe l.i.f.e.

Hey hey heyy
What you got to say
Inglewooooood [inglewood echoes]
Inglewood swangin' [inglewood echoes]

Verse 2
The city's full of cheddar like a cheese pizza
Known for senoritas and inglewood familias
The landmarks in the 'hood is legendary
The fabulous forum, the court and the library
The city hall is scandalous to the average tax payer
So the town done fucked around and voted me the mayor
Had g's that put they life on the line and some died
But thanks to this rap we on the map worldwide
And as far as race go we probably even these days
About 50% black and the rest is esays
So we spin and we win up and down market st.
Bitch I'm a million dollar nigga and still shop the swapmeet
What I'm in right now probably ain't worth a hundred bucks
A beany t-shirt khakis and a fresh pair of chucks
That's a real nigga foe you that's me so don't knock it
I got everything I need plus money in my pocket


I.n.g. foe l.i.f.e. (4x)

Verse 3
It seem like yesterday I was the average y.g.
And at the blink of a eye became a household mc
From the land of sunshine gold d's and palm trees
To japanese screamin' for a nigga overseas
But I gotta think about o.g's I got game from
Remain the same nigga and can't forget where I came from
We all know money make the world go 'round
So I give back to my town and put a few niggas down
I keep my enemies close 'cause they salt shakers
Mad because I travel state to state
And get paid like the lakers
Used to like the magic man when I was a itty bitty
But now mack and shaq can go half and buy the city