Inhuman Grotesqueries

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Engineered donors
Deface bodily forms with excess muscle incursion
Sleeping creatures, incubate the lost and forgotten
Regenerative appendage growth stations
Anonymous derelicts encroached upon

Animal testing phase provides valuable data
Containment breach, acceptable losses
Sacrificing for the greater good of man
Transgenic upsets social hierarchy

Lost, the destitute, unseen acquired
Homeless, abandoned dregs requires
Methodical in the selection process
Sparing no expense for fresh subjects

Abduct the nameless
Vesicate, reactions to sedations
Propagate reproduce multiple living prosthesis
Manipulate on a genetic level
Exhibiting state of sovereignty

Replicating vital parts becomes habitual
Regenerative appendage growth systems
Facility functions with full production line
Self contained human form
Bio-mech synthoids, natural disorder

Writer/s: Malignancy

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