Age Of Nemesis

Inner Fire

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[I. Inner Fire]

On wings of wind, our words take flight
And find hearts as they go by.
I'll supply the answer
If someone's full of fright
Cos for some unknown reason hope always dies.

Now I feel the weight of
All the words in flight
Here, the masses come in hope of a better life
I'll supply the answer
If someone's full of fright
Cos up until lately that was just my plight

I feel an inner fire
That burns in my heart
And gives me life!
If you sense it
Ask my opinion
And I'll tell you
Hope's alive!!!

A prophet lives amongst us here
N' everyone's cheering him
A message from the heavens
That publisheth the Light
It's the genuine, pure Awakening

All I want's for everyone to realize
To help them rediscover
Help them to recognize...
Life-eternal waits for everyone
But our dreams we have to deal with: live them
Or simply reach them down here on this Earth

[II. Midnight]

All alone 'round about midnight
Getting home at the end of the day
She's upstairs, soundly sleeping...
The darkness melts into the silent haze

Somewhere off in the kingdom of slumber
Where the body floats in time
Mystery has taken shape now
I feel a hand - lighter than light
An angelic face - right in my face...

[III. Surrounded By Doubt]

And once again it's morning
It's tough, but still I'm going
To preach the new word now to all mankind...
What if they misinterpret
What if they just don't get it
And head out on their own towards the light?

Writer/s: Zoltan Fabian