Innocent God

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(Verse 1)

She saw black plague and the civil war
fled the burning of Rome
atomic bombs and the holocaust
earth's timeless child is coming home

(Verse 2)

She saw massacre at Wounded Knee
felt the Mississippi burning trial
from the dust bowl to South Africa
She is powerless in her exile

(Verse 3)

She saw Darwin and the Berlin Wall
Utah Beach to 9/11
Science damns us now - one and all
Will her endless love stop my free fall?

(Verse 4)

On the world's stage "her good is last"
We're just victims of circumstance
hear this bad news travel fast
there's no changing the same old song and dance


King and Gandhi dreamt of a better day
but I'm no John Brown or JFK
Nature's grand design -be as it may
Her passion leaves a witness...


Child of an innocent God
"free will" sown to the wind
psalm of man fading and flawed
mother earth and daughter embrace again

Wearing the brand of Cain
hear this native's perfect cry
she's a daughter of the rain
just watching as the world goes by...

She is watching - always watching.
Mother earth - just watching.

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