Manic Movement

In Spaces Between

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From under the big smooth stone
The one I got in all the way from the river myself
It's reassuring coolness supposed to cover up the mess…
This disruption of structure…

Came a fearful deliberate gnawing

The sound, it pounds and tears at every part of me
It resounds, it speaks of sickening familiarity
It's origin, it's source a hungry biomechanical specimen
Which gnaws, which crawls at the carefully composed nature of things
Enlarging, enhancing this hole beneath my stone
To which content, which life I am surely losing myself

But it held me
It saved me
And it took me
Away from this painful inadequacy

And the gnawing… gave in to a moaning
The moaning… gave in to a call
Which manifested itself as an idea
Unfolding a path into a deeper order of complexity

I role, I slide the stone away too easily
They're near, they're here swarming superlativity
Heirlooms, gates key and gaurdian all at once
Past, Future, Present all are one
And I see, I kneel - bio morph of ultra conciousness
So huge - and give myself to absoluteness

And how I've begged, I've prayed for this release
Often wondered is there anyone here like me?
And as I become part of impossibility
I hear a whispering in the centre of my mind
A voice, a love entrusting me…
That I never have to be alone again

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