Internal Complexity

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Meaningless man walking through the undiscovered land
Unconscious of his own stupidity continues lonely walk
Key to the future events keeping firmly in his hand
Doesn't have the knowledge what he has to do to talk

Internal complexity - beyond our choice
Being entirely imposed by divine voice

Purpose of his quest has never been so précised
Acting surprisingly - hiding, being still disguised
Asking if it would lead him into mental decay
There's no exception for existential dismay

Complexity of human mind - entire life inside lottery
Question with no answer for the weakest mind
Solution is more complex then precise machinery
That drills a hole into the heart of mankind

Having still as much to learn as our mentors to teach
Just a few more steps and target will be reached
The end of life's near - started with intellect infestation
Crying, suffer, torment, tortures followed by a vegetation

Each one of us has its way - decision has been made
Which mind will be invaded and whose you will invade

Writer/s: Martin Urbas / Sceptic