Internal Landscapes

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And I felt myself going. I was in a great deal of pain. It was a very frightening experience I began to slip. I just started to feel myself going, and I remember trying to hold on “I'll be ok, I'll be ok” and it got to a point where I just couldn't.
And everything began to just become very quiet and I can remember with every ounce of strength I had, I wanted to say goodbye to my wife. It was important to me.
And I did, I remember just turning my head and looking at her and saying: “I'm gonna die” “Goodbye Joan”, and I did…
It was then that I experienced... experienced what we call a near death experience, for me there was nothing near about it, it was there.
It was a total immersion in light, brightness, warmth, peace, security.
I did not have an out-of-body-experience, I did not see my body or anyone about me… I just immediately went into this beautiful bright light.
It's difficult to describe, as a matter of fact it's impossible to describe, verbally it cannot be expressed, it’s something which becomes you and you become it.
I could say that I was peace, I was love, I was the brightness, it was part of me.

Goodbye my friend
Love will never end
And i feel like you
And i breath all truth

Love is the lifebreath of all i see
Love is the truelight inside of me
And i know you somehow
As i hold you in my heart, in my heart
(Sense following me)
There`s a fire in the sky, and i know it`s you
There`s a light that's so bright, and i know it`s you, i know it`s you
And i dream like you
And I believe in Truth

For i was always there
I will always be there

It's just so beautiful.
It was eternity, it's like I was always there, and I will always be there, that my existence on earth was just a very brief, instant...
I could say that I was peace, I was love, I was the brightness, it was part of me.
[-- Joe Geraci 1981...]

Writer/s: Daniel Cavanagh