La Troba Kung-Fú

Take your Time

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Take your time,
don't go faster,
take your time
to breath now.

Stop thinking and try to clean your hurry,
you need to feel lif'es flow into your body.
If you're always falling down and danger is around
your heart needs to run slwoly.
Happiness is only an illusion,
it's just a far voice of life's percussion.
Try to feel her beat, don't lose your seat,
start to eat your meat and enjoy the rhythm glory.

Take your time,
don't go faster,
take your time
to breath now.

Listen to the litlle things movements,
allow yourself to shake for the wind trot,
allow yourself to shake for heat blood,
allow yourself to shake and dance with all your fragments.
Your breathing is the most beautiful instrument,
you can climb with no more equipment.
Your need to take your time to dance this moment,
breath in, breath out and take the good luck.

No miro més enrere,
ja només vull mirar endavant,
que el passat em pesa massa
i no em deixa volar el cant.
Abandono el meu plany,
mentida, ofec de l'home trist.
Si no disfruto del que visc
no tinc dret a l'alegria.
Jo li vull cantar a la vida
que en el seu cant em faré ric.
Tot és ara,
tot és ara
tot és ara,
mira endavant.
Ep, menut, no corris massa.
Ep, menut, que la pressa mata.

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