The Rumour Said Fire

In The Sour

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In the sour you look beautiful when you're down
In the street where the fierce they talk talk talk
And the looks, and the looks, they reveal in your sleep
In your bed, in your poverty

Say, you could be the captain of my ship
We would sail,we would fail, we would sink
In time to be like drunk gods fighting the sea

You could run, yeah, let's run!

Our captain's broken with water in his solid legs
Still waiting for real ends, not a broken toy
A restless word on a toilet wall in an empty mall
And every kid escaping from the sentence is afraid of the dark

In the trees all my friends they gather their things
All along with their family awaiting the sea
You could hide your eyes, you could always dream

You could dance, yeah, let's dance!

And leave the captain, as he goes down with his battleship
The cannons are flying breaking everything
We've reached a dead end the people are afraid
'Cause every man escaping from the real is a coward and a prick
Their spines are torn apart from the rock beneath the sea

Late in the night when you're awoken from your sleep
And everything is violently taking you by surprise screaming
"It wasn't me; I'm just a simple, beautiful machine"
But the silence never answers and your turn your metal body back to sleep

Writer/s: Jesper Lidang

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