In The Throes Of Ecstasy

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Piercing the gossamer skin
Carving and caressing warm flesh
Rivulets of crimson dribbling
As your moaning fills the air...

Undulating in the ecstacy of excruciation
Your lacerated breasts heaving
Hardened, blood drenched nipples
Kissing your ensanguined flesh
The perfume of your intoxicating blood...

I slowly part your lips
And taste your nectar
Biting the nub of your clitoris
As my fingers probe your anus...

Your moist vagina is bleeding
I drink deeply as you whimper
Gnashing and tearing your labia
Your bleeding clit is glistening and sticky...

My mouth on warm bleeding flesh
Teeth ripping through the aerola
Masticating the avulsed nipple
As your moans become hoarse screaming...

Bleeding and raw, orgasm ensues
Spastically convulsing as I slash your ghastly flesh
Tremendous hemorrhaging, pleading for more
Your stomach is split, your mangled breasts now stumps...
Semen, sanguine, urine, orgasm...

You climax in a pool of blood
Trembling in the final throes of ultimate rapture...