King Los


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I say life is amazing but nothing should amaze
Life is amazing but
Life is amazing but nothing should amaze you
Hatred is a phase and it shouldn't even faze you
Hey yo
My man told me, death ain't nothin' but birth in reverse
So if you end up hurtin' me first
I'll throw the hearse in reverse then disperse a verse in reverse without rehearsin' it first
Cause my verse two, hurt you, worse than my first do but my verse three worse than my first two
So the verse me adverts you versing the virtue
Remember when I spit that verse in reverse? That verse was killin' me
You wanna be the first to adverse my versatility?
Nigga I'm hotter than the devil, with a fever,
Wearin' a leather and a beater and a sweater while he eatin' a jalapeno fajita,
With a bookbag full of heat pads,
A scully and a ski mask with the heat on in the E-Class at Exxon with a speed pass
Best rapper alive, what's that you called me?
I got 'em saying nobody in rap could guard me
So I keep something to back and marth me
In case I gotta throw the mask on and pop like a jabberwokkee
Somebody tell Jay-Z buy me a gold chain
I am hip hop, I embody the whole game
This is lyrical murder; I could body the whole game
And have rappers at the precinct providing my whole name
And I'm so good I climb mountains in my downtime
I write my newfound rhymes on the down climb
I swim oceans when I'm bored, I'm the last hope
I in fact wrote that last quote on my backstroke
That's dope nigga Los is deep
If this my dream, imagine when I go to sleep
You ain't shit, cause they never salute ya
And I'm so far ahead I can actually remember the future
Each one of my verse is dope
But I get better every second
So my best shit the worst shit I ever wrote
And I'm married to hip-hop, that's my persona
I had a beat come to me with a kiss on her
So I jumped on 'er just to let her know what's mine
You forever mine bitch then I flipped on her
In other words I don't beat my bitch; I just make the beat my bitch
See I done lost a couple girlfriends and a couple homeboys but you know I gotta keep my bitch
Thinkin' bout all the things that I loved her through
Fuck it, life is a bitch and I love her too
My two bitches, not you bitches
I officially love the most fly two bitches
I'm too vicious
Dark blue GT sky blue dishes like "bye you bitches"
What would they do without Los?
Hip-hop just took a deep breath and blew it out slow
I'm a run a extra lap, while the rest'll just stare
In other words I am the new breath of fresh air

Life is amazing but nothing should amaze you
Hatred is a phase and it shouldn't even faze you
Niggas try to hold you down; all that shit should raise you
Opposition everyday shouldn't even daze you
Life ain't a game, but these niggas try to play you
Gotta love your struggle being broke shouldn't break you
It should make you, make it
When hard times come and try to take you, take it
It's not until you lose, you appreciate the win
Then you never lose the will to appreciate again
Recognize your enemies appreciate your friends
They the ones that still around when your situation ends
Never imitate a lame, innovate the game
Have a mindset of Kobe when he penetrate the lane
Fuck intimidation, have no limitations mayne
It's a bunch of niggas waitin' to eliminate your game
Yeah homie, learn the game and digest
Passion and persistence turns pain to progress
Stop stressin', your man Los got this
8 months tops I'm in the Lambo, Countach
Riding through the city somethin' pretty riding shotgun
Motherfuck a hater stack your paper 'til the cops come
Cross the line of scrimmage if you blitzin' then we blockin'
And guns hailin' mary, cause ain't no other option
Watchin', listenin', nigga that's a student
Not only make a plan, but make a plan and execute it
I'm the next to do it, they could never play us
You should work a little harder nigga second place SUCKS
Number One and I claimed it. Welcome to Swaggsville cause that's what the fuck I named it
I could do this in my sleep, I don't fight fair
You niggas even try to go to sleep and I'm your nightmare
Number One and I claimed it. Welcome to Swaggsville cause that's what the fuck I named it