Michael Monroe

Jimmy Brown

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I wish I was born in Lebensborn
Then all the other kids would have wished they could be like me
I wish I was born a movie star
I'd pick the best girls and drive my own flashy car

But my name is ordinary Jimmy Brown
The plainest looking kid in London town
Ordinary, boring Jimmy Brown
No one's having fun when I'm around

Oh, oh Jimmy Brown
Oh, oh Jimmy Brown
What can we do with a wimp like you

I wish I could play like Dee Dee Ramone (1-2-3-4)
I wouldn't have to sit in the corner of the pub alone
I wish I could drive a Chevrolet
I'd have the best clothes and nice bleached blond backcombed hair

But my name is ordinary Jimmy Brown...

Oh, oh Jimmy Brown...

Writer/s: Casino Steel

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