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Jinx, I feel I might jinx it
Something protects me
I feel I might Jinx it

Destiny's unending fortunes have come in one breath
I fear I tempt the fates by written words and songs
Of their spells

Will it drop me from the heavens?
If so, will I be strong enough to live without?

I feel protected by something
Like I'm being led by the hand to my brass ring

When will it leave me be? Will it? Will it?
Did I make it come to be or did I come to be?

I don't want to be veiled by angels wings
I need not to be nurtured by such things

But what if I'm not?
Maybe just emotions invading my thoughts

The only thing I did was trust the rabbit to open the right doors
The only thing I did was believe in my thoughts.

Writer/s: Jorane