100 Monkeys

Invisable Monsters

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Soulfied in the ballroom of my mind
So I wrote a sonnet on the eyes
With just my mind…
Called it Soulfied In the Ballroom of my mind

If I had a hand in my own death
Would I simply tear apart my chest
And rip out my bleeding heart
maybe death will give me
one of those fresh new starts

I wouldn't recommend drinkin
When your love is gone (x4)

And so I hide beneath my bed
Invisible monsters are after my head (my head)
What do they want from me, I don't know (my head)
But I give it to them so they will go

I wouldn't recommend drinkin'
When your love is gone (x4)

I'll be dryin' in the bathtub
With a bottle for the pain
Drunk on whiskey
Watchin' my toes slip down the drain

Call the number on the TV
To see if I can be saved
But the man who mans the hotline
Sounds a little more depraved

When he says, when he says

I wouldn't recommend drinkin'
When your love is gone (x13)

(invisible monsters after my head) (x4)

Yes shes gone, yes shes gone for good
your love is gone, well its gone
its oh so good.

Writer/s: 100 Monkeys