Lil' Wyte

I Sho Will

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Hypnoztize Mind
The club crazy right now
Hopefully you'll do
Finish it!!

[Chorus: x2]
Would you beat him to the flo in the club?
I sho will!
Would you jack them even if they ain't dubs?
I sho will!
If he actin like a bitch, we gon treat him like a bitch (2x)

You mothafuckas want true colors, I got white and I got black
Bay Area mothafuckas comin soon as I step up on the track
If he actin like a bitch, we gon treat him like a bitch
If his hate get stomped the floor, then go for all his shit
Frasier Bizzle, DJ Pizzle, Lil Whistle and Hypnotizzle
Run the shit for shizzle, roll up another one my nigga
I got to get made
i got to get change
I got to rip this mic from California to Maine
And take over this thing
Send it to the Dominicans
Make sure they start jammin all of my sentences
Make sure that they remember it
Like it was some Religious shit
The white gold ghetto platinum *honkey* rippin it
Take that to the bank get a deposit slip and fill it out
For a hundred thou, turn around and shove it in yo mouth
Do a review on Hypnotize and you'll see nothin but potential
People gettin beat to the flo and it started wit a pencil


Check it out, I'm new to the scene
Lil Wyte lighter wit gasoline
Fire breathin get it closer to the grass that isn't green
Which means your teams expired to the back of the pack
Sixteen bars of knowledge designed on every track
Hold me down, never happen
Get my crown, keep on rappin
Even at 75, I'll still be able to work my magic
Beat a Willie Nelson of the new generation
A risin legacy shoutin across every nation
I need a passport luggage and a new Rolls Royce
50 Billion but I will settle for 2 point 4
Check the scans, I'm the man in this independent land
No video no single record companies like I be damned
This Wyte cat can rap and put on a good show
It's funny how his music get fuck be down to the flo
I gots to give it raw, I gots to give it dirty
Whatever city you reppin, beat them down if you head me


I done seen some brighter days
I done seen a lotta hate
My album hit a 100,000 now shit been goin my way
i give my props to my pops
Give my props to my mom
Give my props to the Camp, give my props to the South
Now I'm drunk and I'm high but I bet you already knew it
You fuck as me, you fuck as us and we twice and fuck as you
Security started movin through the middle of the crowd
Only if he got a gun, will I agree to shut him down
Cause I ain't tryin to get shot by no mothafuckin fuck
A nerd by day done had to many drinks and all a sudden crunk
Pick me up, let me out, blow me up and fuck me loud
So many styles be comin up outta me whenever I'm in the crowd
I have a high pace game face eyeballs up in outer space
Keep up with the shit, tryin to stay away
What you think, only cracka good enough to be down the 6
Clearly understood that this some orignal gangsta shit