Isaac Hayes

I Stand Accused

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I stand accused
Of lovin' you
Too much

And I hope
I hope it's not a crime
'Cause if it is, I'm guilty
Of lovin' you, you, you

Oh yeah

I, I hope to God
That I never have to testify
'Cause if I do
Everyone is gonna, they're gonna cry
They're gonna say

Old Ike is guilty
Of lovin' a sweet girl like you

I know, I know
You belong to another
I, I may not stand a ghost of a chance
I'll stand on top of Mount Everest
And proudly tell the world that I love ya
Oh yes I will

Because I, I just can't
I can't help it girl
I'm a victim of circumstance

And just one
Oh one touch of your hand
I don't know how it happened
But just look at me
I find myself chillin'
On the witness stand

And I'm shouting out
All over, all over the land
Yes, if I'm guilty then (guilty)
I'm guilty, guilty of loving you

I'm guilty of loving you, yeah
I said I'm guilty
But what can I do

I want to hold ya
I want to squeeze ya tight
But what my mind said, she
Belong to another
And that ain't right

Writer/s: Jerry Butler / William Butler

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