From A Second Story Window

I Tried Voodoo Once

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Hold your tounges everyone of you,
suspend your thoughts,
bring forth the lies,
choke on dead hope,
within this room I'll end it all,
fade out to black,
embrace the end,
separation embrace,
separation the end,
the winter wind exposes all,
this will be the first day of forever,
flee this heartache,
I will never be free of your hex,
bring her death, she's falling faster
bring her death slowly,
my heart still beats beyond this wreck,
her perfume in my nostrils fades away,
bring her back,
angels' faces once reminded me of you,
but now you remain forever in black,
escape your voice, escape your voice, bring her death, bring her death,
hold your tounges everyone of you.

Writer/s: From a Second Story Window

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