Mac Mall

It's All Good

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I be what is known as a soldier out to make a mint
Keepin the crowd pumped like I was Foljah, ask yo bitch
Mall is in the house for '92, 90 fuckin 3
Keepin the suckas stressin off my strictly stress faculty
Never needs no pot, when ya fuckin with some dope like this
I got the fools trippin, the hoes, niggaz, and the tricks
Be askin whats the aspects of a young playas game
Sufferin through playas stress, pimpin through the snow and rain
Its sleetin on ya mothafuckin sunny day
Stayin in my tub like I was told by young Mac Dre
I said in the last I'ma savage when I go up in 'em
Another fuckin hoe be bendin over for the next nigga
Love ta hit the dank, can't fuck with that tadafee
Since I'm comin viscious man these niggaz wanna pop me
But I just keep the game tight you know, like a playa should
Its loaded to pump 30 rounds fool, then its all good

Its all good

I'm hearin hella mothafuckas tryin to be actin runnin at the mouth
Thinkin they can fuck with a youngster, fool I got some doubts
How you gon' step in the phatness I'm already nine-a meter Put the latex on
the mic, I've fucked so many times
Bringin the suckas home, I'm not ya average singa
Get a middle finga, I pulled the milimeta
I wouldn't wanna be ya the eletric shock will see ya
Peep the little red dot den ya pop, YEAH
The rollers wanna hand me at the station
They trippin like they basin, mad as fuck cause I'm poppin across the nation
I gotsta share love to Mac Dre and Young Kilo
Feds tried ta fade, but soon dere gon' be freedom
And much indo gon' be lit when I hit the spliff
Game don't stop from the Crest BIATCH!
Its all good

Its all good

Where you from man?
Who me?
Straight sewer street dwella, fly young fella
Got the pimp deckin they bitch because they know that I got hella
Game and Mall's the name man these fools don't wanna fuck with me
Should I slang the D, or cut up on the R-A-P
I love the M-A-C, Patti may you rest in peace
I eats a big feast after smokin dank with DJ Cease
Fila's on my feet and short like a khaki creased
So playas think I'm dizno, some up and jump and kizno
In my fuckin Lugz, I got the dolja dank siznuts
Sometimes I got liznopes, or should I say criznizi
I pack kiznack niznine, these fools be tryin fiznight me
I was at the telly, with this hoe named Kelly
I had the niznock and the giznock sniznack or that nellie
The hoe was kinda siznick, all up on my diznick
And since she loved the sess I got some cutty she can get wit
These fools don't understand cause they ain't got tiva
I'm the telly bone keepa, the through-yo-window creepa
Its playas in the sess I thought you knew
You do what you gotta do, as long as you pay my crew
Its all good

Its all good

Writer/s: Mac Mall