It's Too Late For Me Now

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Seems like everybody's searching their whole life for that all consuming love
It's what nearly every book and song and movie is speaking of
But what's that they say? Be careful what you wish for, it might come true
'Cause now here you are and it's bigger by far than I ever knew

And it's too late for me now
I already love you
I couldn't stop it now even if I wanted to
There's so damn much to lose
And there's nothing that I can do
It's too late for me now
I already love you

In the days before I met you, the life I was living was not so bad
But then you came along and you gave me a song that I never had
Oh, and what's that they say? The most that you're given, the more you can lose
So now here I am, such a happy man that I've got the blues


There's no turning back
No other way
I already love you
You're a part of me now
And it's just too late

Writer/s: John Vester / Kipp Lennon / Michael Lennon