I've become at ease again

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I've become at ease again with this new beginning.
I don't avoid things like I used to.
For the short drama of a comedy
The games has always been like this, my chances are slim
But I make it up with 1% talent and 99% effort.
In the end I'll be the winner, I swear it.
This place right here is my base. It's just the beginning.
Even if my vision was robbed from me, I'd still run on.
From that place a cry erupts and all you can do is observe
the story. My cry erupts in the Korean peninsula.
Enough of the word games, I get up on the stage.
I grasp the mic and head to the stage that is my battlefied.
I'm a one mic solider.

Not too long ago, this place was awkward to me but as soon as I set foot
I've begun endless changes to adapt.
I adhere to the market rules and sell my products.
I might've already conformed to be like those that I hated.
Now all my dependence to my goodness, I pray.
I wish there was a guide to life.
Everything's still in chaos and I don't know which is my real life.
But I suppose that is just one's own personality.
This place, this place isn't what I dreamed of as a kid.
I've been drawn into a world that has the exterior of luxury
From today on I'm going to step out from all these mistakes
and I make my way to the scene.
So all grace and good fortune be to my God.

My stage is rather lonely but I'm a one mic solider
The one thing that I've picked up from the battlefied called entertainment
is my mic, my weapon.
When you attack the opposing army and are held at gun point,
there's no such thing as sides.
It's every man for himself on this mission.
I've come this far eliminating all adversity.
On to the battlefied called the stage! Rush! OK!
If you're ready then unleash your rap skills on this beat.
Even if you're attacked you're not affected on the inside.
I'm here because I kept my eyes ahead.
I've underwent several trail and errors and now I'm 25
Now back to the beginning I hold my aspirations in my heart.
I set out to return to reality.