I've Returned

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I've returned
I've returned
I've returned

Last night I played the drunken fiddle
Disabled love with a word of dribble
On and on about some jumbled subject
I said your friends were a bunch of muppets

Said your sister should've grown a moustache
Said you didn't need to take off your mask
Down the staircase I made my stagger
I left you cryin' but it didn't matter

And so I sat inside my car in wonder
A headache in my head like the thunder
I chewed my nails like a guilty victim
I couldn't see or feel the night or nothin'
I wanted to explain, but oh so clever
Love was like it was some endeavor
Then I don't remember who said what, when
On a stack of paper I placed my pen

And when I woke up in the mornin'
Beside you in the bed
My mouth was full of nothin'
My arms around your head
I don't know how I got there
But I didn't want to check
Now back between each other
We're salvaging our wreck
Now I've returned

You throw our jigsaw all over the floor
We're at the deepest deep
I thought our love had died forever
But it just went to sleep

I've returned
I've returned
I've returned
I've returned
I've returned

Writer/s: Chris Difford / Glenn Tilbrook