Mark Chesnutt

I Want My Baby Back

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Your eyes have been a different kind of blue
I can feel the sadness when I'm touching you
It's as if lately you've been standing in sinkin sand
Before you go down any deeper
Let me help - take my hand

I want my baby back
I miss the way you used to laugh
And dance around to your own beat
So alive so carefree
I want my baby back
Where is the old you hiding at
You may be here but baby
You've been gone so long

Girl you're in a state I've never seen you in
It breaks my heart to see you in a downward spin
You're looking lost but you don't have to be alone
Why don't you talk to me
Tell me what's going on

(Repeat chorus)

I want to see that crazy smile
Like you just might do something wild
There it is here it comes
Just in time you could use a little fun

(Repeat chorus)

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