The Triffids

I Want To Conquer You

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Come over here
Put your last dollar on my table
My hands are shaking
But you can see i'm still here

The street lights just went off, i'm as tired as i can be
There's no more buses and there's no more trains
Only talk shows on tv ... and that's why darling
I want to conquer you

We have so little time
And we have so many pains
These days it's frightening
My dear how swiftly love wanes

Soon it will be dawn, dogs and children in the streets
How could the imagine this night belonged to you
And me and that's why baby ... i want to conquer you

We collide in the darkness
We scrape toghether a few belongings
A few belongings are all you need
Yoou're so lucky that you found me
You're completely safe with me
You're so lucky that you found me
I want to conquer you

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