Yusuf Islam

I Was Raised In Babylon

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I was raised in babylon
Our priests taught us how to worship the sun
Wo! Where did we go wrong?
They used to call us civilised
But those days are gone
I came to guard the pharaoh
Bring him wine and women
Oh lord! Where is he now?

We used call him the highest
Till the wave took him down
I was born in the holy land
They told me it was by God's command
Wo! Where are the others from?
I thought that we were the chosen
I must've been wrong
I loved to march with the sultan

And his diamond turban
Oh lord! Then the world took hold
Let go of the rope of God
For a handful of gold
I used to serve the empire
On which the sun set, never
Oh! Now times have turned
We thought our white skins would
Save us - then we got burned

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