Blossom Toes

I Will Bring You This And That

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Well of course we'd, uh, like to give praises to all the bands, but, ah, everyone cant win.
Every time I call or phone, you're always in
All you seem to talk about is where you've been
Don't want to sound unkind. What's going on in your tiny mind?
You're dreaming all the time
I will bring you this and that. You can find out where you're at.
I will bring you cardboard dishes. You can put your cardboard wishes in them, oo
Looking good is understood to be just fine
But you're just like a golden cup without the wine
You got the wrong things in few. Nobody's gonna carry you.
Your should read some new books
I will bring you plastic flowers. You can play with them for hours.
I will bring you a balloon. You can float up to the moon
Some rainy time
Why can't you see how it could be
And maybe I'd sympathize with you
Open up your eyes for you
If you let me
I will bring you something fair
Something lingering in the air
I will bring you love on Monday
Every other day and Sunday
You will see

Writer/s: Brian Godding

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