The Crabb Family

I Will Follow You

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I can't forget the day that you looked my way,
I've never once been sorry for the choice that I made
When I saw your love, I said, I will follow you.
My friends called me a fool for falling for you,
But they don't understand how I can love you like I do.
I gave you a promise, I will follow you.

I'll go with you through the desert, Though it be hot and dry.
I'll be there in the valley and we'll climb the mountains high.
Wherever thou may lead us, wherever you may go I'll be there too.
There is nothing left behind me that would make me turn around.
Only memories of broken dreams scattered on the ground.
I'm with you for the journey, I w ill be there, I will follow you.

The joy that you bring, cant' be explained,
My world turns around you since that day that you came.
When I saw your love, I said I will follow you.
Your mercy came down that moment I prayed,
My sins were forgiven, Old things passed away.
I gave you my promise, I will follow you.

Words and Music by Gerald Crabb

Writer/s: Gerald Crabb

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