Fred Small

I Will Stand Fast

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The echoes of childhood whisper violence
Cold wind beating out of the past
Rage in your throat, muffled silence
Hold on, I will stand fast

In the darkness your guardians had left you
Cold wind
None to hear your cries, none to defend you
Hold on

I will stand fast, I will stand fast
You are safe in the daylight at last
Nightmare and fear, they have no power here
I will stand fast

I will listen to the terrors that tried you
I will cradle the child that breathes inside you

Though you take the shape of a hundred ancient horrors
Though you strike at me and flee into your sorrow


Birds flash upon a branch in winter
Ice in the sun begins to splinter

You will walk with no fetters to bind you
All the love you have wanted will find you


I will stand fast

Writer/s: Fred Small

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