Frightened Rabbit

I Wish I Was Sober

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Fall prey to the blizzard head
Wrapped my handd around the glass again
We all thought
That I might change as I got older

Fell down and nothing bled
Wrapped in cottom, alcohol again
To the hilt I hear
From the prick upon my shoulder

Free pour the fruitless thoughts
It's far too late to talk so much but
Still not giving up
The wish that I was sober

Forgive me, I can't speak straight
Forgive me, I can't
Forgive me, it's far too late

Choke down the gateway drug
Opened the gates, in came the flood
It comes like a blush of love
It hits me without warning

Long nights of getting lost
I walk beneath the bridge I don't know
I need a black suit for tomorrow
I'm in mourning

My love, you should know
The best of me left hours ago
So shove it right into my mouth
And let me smoulder

Fallout and the damage done
I can't un-sing the things I've sung
Still not giving up
The wish that I was sober

Forgive, I can't speak straight
Forgive, I can't
Forgive, it's far too late

Oh, come and shake me 'till I'm dry
Oh, I wish that I was sober
Oh, come to me and kill the night off
I wish that I was sober

Writer/s: Frightened Rabbit

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