Jailhouse Rob

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I got a plan to escape
follow me if you want to live
we can move in the shadows and be unseen
but I need to know right now if you're in
just blink two times if you're with me
but don't make a fucking sound
this is danger squared, and yes I'm scared
so hit the deck when I say get down
we may not make it too far
in fact, we may be dead by dawn
but nothing ventured is nothing gained
so grab what you can carry and let's get gone
just nod once if you're ready
and let's bolt when the coast is clear
no matter the price, the worth of my life
but i gotta get the fuck out of here
when it comes to disaster I've got the plan
drive and the means blueprint in hand
weapon of choice these wings expand
hit the ground running when we pass the line
if we get separated double back behind
if we meet resistance prepare to fight
we didn't come this far to give up
let's move it
boot up!

Writer/s: A.18