4th Disciple

J.O.B. (das What Dey Is!)

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Bimos: Yo what's up man?
Scully B: Yo w'shup, man?
Bimos: Yo, you gotta let 'em know where that Scully B is!
Scully B: I 'unno, man, but you know they be all just BITIN', MAN!!

Scully B:
J.O.B., tryin' to make green
Peoples always ask me what the hell does that mean?
J is for the jerks around the way
Who be standin' on the corner almost every single day
O is for the others who can't understand
How gettin' a job can improve a man
B's for the bitch that lets you knock it
But only if you got that cash in your pocket
She lets you rock her 'till the break o' dawn
And then skip town when the cash is gone

Bimos: Aw yeah, Scully B got head!
Scully B: Yeah, you know what I'm sayin' man, DAS what dey is!

Scully B:
Step into this jam, damn, lookin' nice
Jealous sucka punks thinkin' what a life
Well, since this is life and nothing comes free
It's all about makin' that cash money
Grabbin' on my clothes, girls screamin' my name
Well I guess that's just the price of fame
This bum asked for change, (Yo, can I get some change, man?) lookin' kinda rugged
It's not that I fronted, but I only carry 100's
Bump into this girl I ain't seen for a while
The girl flips out and starts actin' wild
Now things like that I won't allow
'Cause girls like that cold cramp my style

Bimos: Yo, she played you like that? Daaaamn! Yo, I woulda kicked her in the neck!
Scully B: Oh. Is that what you did?

Jason X:
Drivin' in my Z down the avenue
Gangsta lean to the side and a 40 of brew
Hit my breaks (screeeech!), who could it be?
Some nice round thighs and a big boo-ty
I said "Baby, baby, I know what you like -
Turn that butt around and I'll ride you like a bike."
She said "Yeah, man, I know what you mean ... "
Then she pulled down those designer jeans
'Cause I'm the type of brother that just don't play
I waxed that butt from March till May
And just in case I get an overdose
I pass it on to my man Bimos

Scully B:
Stopped at the light on Atlantic Avenue
Aw, damn! Here comes that Squeegee crew!
Brothers on the car like rats on cheese
Get off my car, niggas, won't you please?
Stopped at the station to get me some gas
And here comes a girl with a great big ass
The closer she got, the more I knew
I had to take her to the crib and do the dew
Ran in the store to get me some brew
A 3-pack of condoms and a Charleston Chew
Back to the crib, didn't play no games
Had the fly girl screamin' my name (SCULLY!!)
Finally realized the girl was a whore
Put my foot in her ass, she asked me for some more

Bimos: Oh, is DAT what she is?
Scully B: (giggling)