King Lil G

Joey And Jasmine

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This is a story
Bout my lil homie joey
So joey started selling more drugs
Than my older homies
Muthafuckers started hatin' quick
Being on the lamest shit
All because joey
Owned the latest shit
A young kid

Who found drug distribution
Feeling all alone
While his older sister's prostitutin'
You're beautiful
But I hate to say it
Your beauty's ruined
I blame the struggle
And all the bullshit
That made you do it

No matter what
I love my sister though
And g I promise
I'm a change your life
Once I flip a brick of coke
But for now
I'm a just chill
And flip some dough
And smoke weed
And dark liquor, I sip it slow
Trying to forget

My mother put us in foster homes
In deep depression
It made me feel
Like I lost my soul
I got recruited to a gang
And now I'm trippin' hard
No father figure
His father is up in a prison yard
I wonder why my family is so dysfunctional

So hard to function
Hustlin' hard has been my arsenal
Often been broken hearted
By women who look to bombest
Fuck it he don't look back
When he tell these bitches
He's honest
But always give em respect
Keep in mind

It's somebody's daughter
He learned his lesson
From different women who call em
Some they go to school
And some they started strippin'
Drug dealin' was good
And of course he started trickin'
Buying women
Designer purses & shoes

Different girls to choose
What up to jasmine at deja vu
Ambitions of a woman with dreams right
Started with a gift
Now she fucking her team right
(Told you)
Like fuck it we live the g life
In slow motion
As we hit the weed pipe
Stayed focused on bad women
And shady men
He should've known

From that one txt
At 3 a.m
A naked picture from jasmine
Like what up?
Dot dot l-o-l
Come & pick me up
So joey's now driving
Ghetto birds & sirens
Mobbin' through south central
Los angeles violence
On figueroa & 82nd

He made a left
He put his music down
Suddenly another txt
Like hold up give me a sec
He replied with
I'm in that grey lex
And now he's looking through his rearview
He got that feeling
Like when somebody is gettin' near you

A black truck pulls up
The driver covered his face
Started waving a gun
And said what up muthafucka
Where the fuck you from?
Pop pop pop
She was settin' him up
Never trust a beautiful woman
They'll be quick to have muthafuckas come get you
R.I.p. To my homies, dead & gone
All the real hustlers in the streets, hell yeah