Adrian Bourgeois


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Sometimes in the plainest sight
I lose things for a while
I can't go back to where I left them
I cannot force a smile
I do not stand among the fools
With pockets full of needless holes
But then again I cannot find
What was here a moment ago

Sometimes in a crowded place
I cannot hear my voice
And in these times I can't believe
I came here just by choice
And so I raise my voice above
The awful din I make it plain
That I am not as silent as
My silence does proclaim

Sometimes in the darkest night
I mess around with love
The scars behind my eyes do swear
I've messed around with love
And from your gaze I fled to see
I spent three days inside a whale
And now I'm free to do your will
'Cause I'm not afraid to fail

If I found what I misplaced
Would I still ask for more
And if I were not a drowning man
Would I still love the shore
I cannot stay upon this beach
I live to catch the perfect wave
But still I can't tell if I'm running
To or from the grave
No I cannot tell if I am running
To or from the grave

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