Blossom Toes

Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head

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A day is near, darkness gone and
The world is clear
Children seek the light
We close their eyes and we
Call it night
As dreamer dreams we talk the hours away
As planets scheme we change
Tomorrow to yesterday
Borrow for a time
The lack we share is a sacred rhyme
Choosing we may find
We're on the road and there are
No signs
Yet we live on hate And thrive on war
And we've done our towns
What is going down
Children raise their voices
Questioning all as we give choice
Answers flow within
Point the way to where we've been
And as the music plays
And we become all our days
That become years of our lives
Of our lives
And we say we'll love
And we say we care
And we say we know
Everyday that we're here
Oh, day is near, darkness gone
And the world is clear
And the world is clear
Every day that we're here
Tell me do you care

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