Tim Be Told

Just Another Man

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She's only twelve
And sells for thirty dollars
And that man is old enough to be her father
He holds her down while darkness takes her over
And he steals her soul

On a concrete floor she lays her head
And she hopes that she's already dead
While the kings and queens in the feather beds
Sleep so soundly
All the world's a hole and i am falling
Too deaf to hear you calling
I wish that i could set you free but i'm just another man.

He's only five a child and a soldier
They will make him kill his people when he's older
And late at night he calls out for his mother
But he took her life

He's pretending to be brave instead
Since his family's already dead
I cover up my ears and turn my head
While he screams so loudly
My heart is open but my hands are hiding
Afraid i'll feel you dying
I wish that i could touch your soul but i'm just another man
There's not much i can do

Father, hear our broken cries
From a world so fallen
Help us see
That in one man our hope will never die
And his people call him
Savior jesus, love abounding
Give me strength to do all that i can
And i am not just another man.