Simon Says


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Black satin-like bowl
Spanning the world from east to west
Calm, jungle is deep
It goes to sleep
The humid hot air cools
And night becomes my guest

I could walk steeper paths
If the road would still be longer
I could climb higher mountains
My feet would still be stronger

Here, where spirits dwell
I feel so small yet I feel good
Here, on top of the world
I see the absurd of being
Soul awake in this neighbourhood

Kinabalu, your power is filling me with love
Kinabalu, your crown of diamonds miles above

Continents can crumble and die like dust
The seas run dry and air blow away
Dreams of Man can wither and turn to rust
In the end I guess you'll stay the same
Kings and queens can turn the tables
Armies march to war
Tie them, try them, take them away

Presidents and financers rule our lives
As long as money flows in their veins
The rich will still be richer, thanks to the poor
Polluted put away the sane
Kings and queens can close the files
While armies march to war
Tie them, try them, take them away

I can see lights
They're shining through the night
Stars guide my way
Tell wrong from right
I listened to their words
And flew up like a bird

I, guess I was taken by surprise
'Cause when I opened up my eyes
The skies were filled with heavy showers
Pouring down
The flowers withered like love dies

And I, never expected I would drown
Ten thousand feet above the ground
But then I realised it better
When I looked down I had a
Hell of a long way down
Love is like dreaming
For you, for me: forget

Now, is this the truth?
Is it the ache I feel inside?
When you think of it it's sad:
I gave all that I had
Could it really not have been enough?