Killer of Hope

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Swear I'm gonna break free
From the grip of sin
from that killer of hope...

'cause all I see is that killer of hope.

Well, did I ever think to think?
I didn't even try
I should have listened to the wise
Now its too late - I knew better

There's nothing good here
and it's time that I put this out-
All I am to you is another doubt

I don't believe in nothing
I don't believe that I care
Don't try to make me do it
All I need is just a little push, not a shove
and I'll get off the fence in a while...

She's the killer of hope
with a conscience that is clear
She understands I'm just a man
with a common fear
She's just what I need to forsake
But it's not that easy
(x1 How much more can I take?)
(x2 ...not supposed to be)

Now that I know her
I am never looking back
I've been beat up, I've been spit out,
I know shit, jack...
She may be my killer of hope
But if she calls my name now
I ain't going back

So now it's up to me
The future that I see
My spirit growing dark
and I fear (Oh God, I fear)
The moment that I try
My moment wants to die

Swear I'm gonna break free
from the grip of sin-
from that killer of hope.

Writer/s: Trent Gardner