Kombat (translation)

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At war is like at war,
Bullets, vodka, "makhorka"* in price,
At war is tough labor,
Shoot, yourself, or they will shoot.
At war is like at war,
Girlfriend, remember me.
At war the hour is uneven,
Perhaps we them, perhaps they us.

Commander-"batyanya,"* "batyanya"- commander,
You didn't hide your heart behind boys' backs.
Planes fly, and tanks burn,
He strikes, yo, commander, yo, commander.

Commander-"batyanya," "batyanya"- commander,
Behind us are Russia, Moscow, and Arbat,
Fire, battery, fire, battalion,
Commander, yo, he commands.

At war is like at war -
Soldiers see mothers in their sleep,
At war, and so it is,
And everything is more serious, than in the movies.
Yes, war, war, war -
A grouchy aunt, a bitch she is.
Eh, war goes on and on,
And the girl awaits the boy.

(chorus twice)

At war is like at war,
At war is like at war,
At war is like at war…

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