Krossroads INN

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Built in 1803 by pagan settlers, Krossroads Inn has been responsible for over ten thousand untimely deaths. Rated the number one haunted location in the world, according to the spirit guides. Rumor has it, that the consequences of spending one night at the Krossroads Inn will result in death of anyone.

Got there in amazement, first haunted place that I've ever stayed in all night
up to this point was just chicken feet, this the real deal
welcome to the big leagues thrill seeker with a video cam in hand
I'll be damned if miss a shot of the century on the count
of I was unprepared with video photography so I would be a little bit dumb
if I didn't come wit state of the art for the hunt there's a curse that
whoever signs the ledger with full name will never be aloud to return from whence they came
so to prove it all wrong I jotted mine down fast put my middle initial between my first and my last
sign my curse so I laughed, sign it like an autograph even let it know I put my tops down
who am I to believe that she is real as the camera rolls and records what I feel.

This is where my problem begins
After just one night at the Krossroads Inn
Cuz you can't check out after you check in
After just one night at the Krossroads Inn
I've got to live it up
Even the the deads around
I've got to live it up
Screamin crawlin out of the ground
I've got to live it up
Even though the darks so scare
I've got to live it up
Twist and spin around in the air
I've got to live it up

Up the stairs and i'm climbin it quickly hopin the camera catches everything in between (I've reached the top now) I'm in the hallway walkin and i whip around quick cuz i swear i heard talkin and my candle drops and the house it goes black all of a sudden i feel a hand on my back lights come on I'm freakin out i can hear the people walkin on the top of the house Room flickers with blue light and catchin my attention i can see the reflection of someone standin there i got the cam and i'm holdin it steady and i'm thinkin i got the picture so whatever and i'm outta here door opens to an empty room and consume my inhibition to explore the moon was the flickerin light that i seen in the crack of the door alright i gotta make it to the end of the night.


Signing the hotel ledger registry will prove what seems to be a funny hoax after all still what lies ahead just up them winding stairs is sure to be solid proof to any skeptical man.

covered in shards of glass jumped through the window
and ended up in the lobby hit the floor on my ass
(i got up and brushed off)
now sure im confused
imma break every window wit an effort to get through
every door locked shut with a skeleton key
as apperisions re-appear dissapear in front of me
(im goin outta my mind)
as the camcorder batteries start to die
im the only one in here thats still alive
theres a lady in all white floatin down the hall
she says "welcome home sweety"
as her head falls off
now this journey got ghosts spell hauntin to me
but im trapped in krossroads and unable to leave


Let this be a lesson to all of you who wish to reach out and contact the world of the beyond with your cameras and electrical devices. Respect for the dead is something you will never learn until you are truely home amongst the dead.

Writer/s: Twiztid