Petey Pablo

La di Da Da Da

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Ladies and Gentlemen (ladies and gentlemen)
The party will continue (the party will continue)
In 5,4,3,2,1

[Chorus: x2]
Party ain't over till 6 o'clock
But my man got the hook up at the Marriott
We can scoop somethin' from the wildest spot
And la di da da da

Tip toe through the tulips
Scuse me
Looking for a night like q-t??
Bad momma driven like rule me
With a body type type like eww-wee
Couple cosmos and she ready to leave
Don't care where she goin', she just rollin' with me
Got her ever so tight in the back of the jeep
More like an Isley brother, sister between the sheets
Over 18, love sex and weed
Won't get mad, if I won't do her but she'll still do me
Want me to spank her while I bang her on the balcony
The more I close hang her, well the more she screams
The car stopping, dogs barkin', the whole world can see
If it ain't botherin' shorty, it ain't fuckin' with me
Ya know what I mean, oochie-wally sing it for me
La di da da da
Sing it for me

[Chorus: x2]

Slide me your number like hey yo
Keep it on the low
Boyfriend sittin' at the bar next door
Right there, shorty damn near touchin my nose
I don't know how she gonna do it
But I'm ready to go
Club hot, but I want to go somewhere that's cold
AC, king size, on the fifth floor, (you know)
That's just the way I roll
Same way you can roll if you go with the flow
See'mon handle your business and a duck your nigga
Soon as I duck these chickens, we gonna, get the gettin'
Can't wait to dig in the kitty, you got my attention
Your itty bitty waist, got me twitchin' in my britches
Feanin' for that sticky icky come get me
Good God almighty, hot dog and chili
Hmmm, oochie-wally sing it for me
Sing it for me

[Chorus: x2]

Quiero que me evas, contigo, esta noche papi?

No speak Espanol, e-bonics
Bang bang boogie, the chocolate chip cookie
The papa don, the pick and prime, pink pretty
Smother me, tell me you love me, blow my head up
Everything you say can be done right
Just treat me right, come with me tonight
It's like all good, and a-all right
See mon baby girl just tell me you want it
And we'll be jumpin' til 6 in the morning

[Chorus: x2]

Writer/s: Moses III Barrett, R. Michael Harper