Sawyer Brown

Lady of the Evening

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She's got my picture in her locket
I got my hand in her back pocket
Walkin" through the night, in our home town
We take our time as we go strollin'
We might go to a movie, might go bowling
She just says we'll take on what the night will bring

'Cause she's a lady of the evening
But only just for me man
I'm a wonderin' why she set her likes on me
She's got me overflowing
'Cause she keeps me knowin'
I'll be doin' my leavin'
With a lady of the evening tonight

It was the first time that I asked her
In the hallway when I passed her
To go with me to the drive-in, in my daddy's car
Well we called it rockin' and reelin'
Oh and I still get that old feelin'
When she looks in my eyes the way she still can

[Chorus x 2]


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